Journalist Fellowship 2018

The Friends Provident Foundation Journalist Fellowship 2018 is now open, its re-launch cementing the Foundation's ongoing commitment to support and widely communicate new ideas about how we can build a fair and more resilient economy to drive a better world. 

This year’s Fellowship is open to established UK journalists, writers, documentary makers and digital media professionals. The successful applicant will receive financial and editorial support over one year to produce a body of work that communicates alternative, economically coherent ideas in an engaging way. Outline proposals are expected to address one or more themes or questions that are relevant to the Foundation’s programme.

Watch this short video to find out more about the Journalist Fellowship.

The Journalist Fellowship 2018 follows hot on the heels of the successful publication earlier this year of The Growth Delusion, a thought-provoking book written by the first recipient of our Fellowship,  David Pilling. In The Growth Delusion, author and prize-winning journalist David Pilling explores how economists and their cult of growth have hijacked our policy making and infiltrated our thinking about what makes societies work. And he offers a series of suggestions for how we can embrace better yardsticks to measure a happier, more sustainable world. Former UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, called the book “A witty guide to the essential question: what is economic growth for and how can it be harnessed to improve the lives of people in poor countries as well as rich ones”.

The Fellowship will be awarded by a panel of trustees and their advisors in June 2018. The Foundation will provide ongoing support throughout the project and will work with the successful applicant to disseminate the final work to a wide audience. The closing date for applications is  noon on Thursday 7 June 2018, followed by interviews with a panel of judges for shortlisted candidates on Monday 18 June 2018 in central London. The successful candidate will have maximum of a year to produce the work.

For more information on how to apply please read the application brief here or if you would like an opportunity for an informal discussion please call us on on 01904  629675   

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The Fellowship was extremely helpful to me, both in providing the incentive to write the book to a tight deadline as well as the resources with which to do so. That included help in the form of expert readers who read drafts at every stage, gave valuable insights and moral support and ensured that I did not stray too far off track. If you have half an idea, the Fellowship is a great way of turning it into a whole one.
David Pilling, Africa Editor for the Financial Times and author of The Growth Delusion
Our first Fellowship has been a huge success and we’re delighted to have supported the writing of a book illustrating the impact of economics on society. So, we’re really excited to be offering a new opportunity for a journalist to explore an economic issue that has the potential to engage the widest possible audience. We hope that the work generated will lay the tracks for new-found thinking on how the economy can work better for people and planet.
Danielle Walker Palmour, Director Friends Provident Foundation

Follow @FProvFoundation on Twitter and use the hashtag #JournalistFellowship2018

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