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Making the most of Brexit

Posted on 29 Mar 2017 in Blog


Danielle Walker Palmour, director of the Foundation,  responds to the issues highlighted in Demos’ new Brexit report …

Following the referendum result and the UK Government’s decision to leave the European Union last summer, we asked the think-tank Demos to bring together its policy expertise, networks and convening power to address the questions of what opportunities and threats there are to the creation of a more resilient economic system in the UK. Their resultant report  Making the most of Brexit provides a rich overview of the risks and opportunities of Government’s decision to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and begin the process of leaving the EU brings.

The real strength of Making the most of Brexit lies in its chorus of expert voices, highlighting risks and fears as well as opportunities that have the potential to flow from Brexit if the optimal negotiating path might be found and followed. Most of the attention to date has been on the role of Government and in particular, Whitehall. This report brings to life the range of institutional and civil society players that have key parts to play in creating an economy that works for everyone.

In the post Brexit world we’re entering, a vision for change will be vital. The insight gleaned from this report demonstrates the invaluable contribution civil society can make to creating that vision, most importantly one that is owned beyond Whitehall.

Over the coming years, the Foundation will devote its resources toward working with the full range of partners to develop a vision for the economies of the British Isles that maximises the opportunities and manages the risks as we move into this new era.

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