Investment portfolio

Details of our ‘social investment portfolio’, listing our social impact investments that generate particularly strong social and environmental returns.

Current direct social investments:

Ethex Loan £50,000

*Ethical Property Company £148,750

*Affordable Homes Rental Fund £250,000

*Big Issue Invest Social Enterprise Investment Fund II £100,00

*Thrive Renewables £100,000

*AWEL CO-OP £100,000

Project Snowball impact investment fund:

*Social investments that have been transferred to Snowball, valued at £798,491

Cash contribution £1,201,509

Total £2,000,000

Past social investments:

East Lancashire Moneyline Capital Bond £150,000

Charity Bank £250,000

Peterborough Social Impact Bond £69,175

*Community Share Underwriting Fund £100,000