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Strategy 2016-18


1.     Our vision

“Fairer economy, better world”

“We want to help build a just and sustainable world where everybody can live meaningful lives, with respect and care for ourselves, each other and the planet. We believe that the purpose of money and the economy is to enable and serve human flourishing and a healthy environment, and that currently they do not. We work through grants, investments and our own activities, seeking to create a fairer economy that serves us all.”

2.     How we will achieve our vision

Our mission

The three strands of activity through which we will work to achieve our vision are:

  • Giving grants and making direct investments;
  • Active use of our mainstream investment portfolio in pursuit of our change goals, being an active and engaged investor, as well as ensuring the way we run the charity is consistent with these; and
  • Bringing people together to solve problems, creating opportunities to collaborate, seeking to influence those with power to bring about change and communicating what we have learned.

3.     Our programmes

4.     A new strategy for a new economy

This year we have made some big decisions:

 4.1    How we can contribute to lasting change

We believe we can contribute to change in three main ways:

  • Through the giving of grants and direct investments in line with our programme or our mission;
  • Through using our endowment to ensure our mainstream investment strategy being aligned to our change goals, as well as our other operational practices (contracts, procurement, etc.) being in line with these;
  • Through convening, collaborating, influencing and communication.

We will enhance these tools by working our resources even harder through –

 4.2    Using our Resources – Spending Down

We believe the challenges facing the world and our society in it, are formidable; creating a responsive resilient economic system that forms part of the solution to these challenges will require all our effort and resources to achieve. In light of this, Trustees took the decision that the Foundation will spend its capital as well as its income in pursuit of our mission.

4.3    A new approach to grants – Core funding

Alongside our responsive grants and social investment programme, we want to develop a more strategic approach to core funding under our main grants programme.  The aim of providing core funding is to empower organisations working in our area of interest to work flexibly and provide them with the capacity to respond effectively to changes in the external environment.

4.4    Aligning our investment and operations –  Investment Engagement

The Foundation is also developing a new function – investment engagement. This year we are developing a number of key themes to underpin and focus our proactive work, drawn from what we have learned so far or key developments in our programme areas.

5.     Differences you will see

We will be working hard to transform how we work in line with this strategy. Changes you may notice in the Foundation are:

  • More staff resources to support key functions such as grants, social investment, investment engagement and communications
  • More support for radical solutions to economic problems and an active support for collaborative approaches
  • Some key themes in which we are pursuing specific aims over the course of the year
  • More seminars and events relating to key areas of interest
  • Active engagement in companies, social enterprises and the funds in which we are invested on issues of concern
  • A more obvious public and social presence as our programme develops.

There are likely to be other changes as we go forward – we will chart our progress on this website.



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