What we fund

Our economy doesn’t work for too many people and for our planet. We want to support ideas and projects that can help us change that.  

We believe that the economy, as something created by humans, is also something we can transform and we want to work with our grantholders to build an economy that works for everyone.  

We are looking for applications that look at why problems like inequality, poverty and climate breakdown exist and try to get to the root causes of those problems. We don’t fund activities that deal with the symptoms of those problems but instead support work that gets at the economic systems and structures that cause them.  

The economy touches every aspect of our lives and so the areas of focus our programme can support are broad. However, everything we fund will have a central focus on how the economy effects our lives and how it can be changed for the better. You can read more on this in our strategy (LINK).  

As a relatively small funder we cannot support the broader roll out of existing ideas – what we aim to do is to help create new ideas and practical examples that can be learnt from and built on in other places. We can only support activity that is focused on the UK economy.  

When looking at applications we are thinking about:  

  • How well they fit with our programme, 
  • How clear and convincing a story they tell about the problem they want to solve and how they are going to do so 
  • How big and wide spread the problems they want to solve are 
  • How big a difference their work could make  
  • Any risks that might be involved.  

Our funding operates at two levels: