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Main Grants section

Full Cost Recovery

We recognise and want to fully fund the true costs of delivering project activity. We know that grant holders have to meet their overheads to deliver excellent work from a secure platform. See NPC or the Community Accountancy Self Help service for more information.

Paying the Living Wage

We are part of the Living Wage Friendly Funder  scheme, a group of funders that support grant holders to pay the Living Wage and meet the cost of living. This means that we expect grant holders to pay at least the Living Wage on any staff posts supported by us, unless we agree there are good reasons for this not to happen.


We want to be open about the reasoning behind our funding decisions. All second stage applicants receive the minute of the part of our Trustee meeting where their application was discussed, so they can fully understand our decision. It can take us a few days to provide this information, but we believe transparency is an important basis for our relationship with grant holders.

We support the principles of open data and soon will share our grants data as part of the 360 giving open data platform.

A Flexible, Partnership Approach

We work in partnership with grant holders to provide funding in a way best suited to their project and recognise that projects’ needs can change. We are open to discussion around the best way to set up a grant, and to making changes to it over time.

Learning Together

Our grant making programme is about creating change at an ambitious level and so requires brave and bold ideas. Sometimes these may not work as planned. We are open to learning from what works and what doesn’t and will support our grant holders in both situations.