Guidance on using our logo

If you are a Friends Provident Foundation grantholder or partner, this page will help you decide upon the right Foundation logo to use for your needs, be it online, in print or in other materials.

As set out in the Information for Grantholders Booklet we expect grantholders to acknowledge our support at all appropriate times. This may be through use of appropriate wording, in which case it is important that you use the Foundation’s name in full (i.e. its legal name, the Friends Provident Charitable Foundation, or its working name, the Friends Provident Foundation) in any publicity.

Alternatively you may use our logo, subject to following the guidance set out here. You will need to decide which logo format to use, depending on where you use it.

The variety of  logo formats available and how to use them


Places to use a PNG include:

  • logo to link to the Foundation in your website
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • digital documents
  • email signatures


TIF files are primarily for print pruposes, common places include:

  • posters
  • t-shirts, mugs and other promotional items
  • stationery
  • Any printed material


EPS files are for use with professional graphic design software. Your designer may request this format for:

  • printed publications made by a designer
  • exhibition materials like banners and tablecloths


Download our logo

Full colour version

PNG file

TIFF file

EPS file

Full colour negative version

PNG file

EPS file

Single colour version

PNG file

EPS file

Single colour version negative

PNG file

EPS file

Using our logo

The following two pages offer guidance with positioning and sizing of the logo: