For current Grantholders

This section provides information and support for current grant holders and the tools you need to successfully manage your grant.

Setting up your grant

When your grant is awarded you will be assigned a key contact from our grants team, who will support your project.

We will set up a project inception meeting, and give you an information pack, detailing everything you need to know about working with us. This includes:

Our Setting Up Your Project Checklist will help you ensure you have provided everything we need.

Keeping in Touch

We will agree the best way and how regularly to keep in touch. We ask that you let us know if there are any problems or unexpected developments, so that we can support you.


You will be asked to complete a report at the end of each year, outlining how your project has performed against the objectives you outlined at the start. You will also be asked to submit a report at the end of your project.

Claiming your Funding

We usually pay quarterly in arrears, although in exceptional circumstances we can make advance payments.

At the start of your project you will complete a payment schedule, detailing what you expect to claim from us and when. We understand that your actual spend may change over your project. Any significant changes should be discussed with us.

When the agreed payment date approaches please send an invoice and an overview of expenditure outlining what you are claiming and explaining any significant variance from your budget. If you need to make significant changes to your budget please discuss this with your key contact.

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