Outline application process / times

Our funding process is in two stages: an outline proposal stage followed by a full application by invitation only at a later stage.

All outline and stage 2 applications are reviewed by our Trustees at their quarterly meetings. As a result it can take up to six months from submitting an outline application through to being awarded a grant if it is successful.

Outline Application Dates

Applications deadlines for 2020 are as follows. Applications should be with us no later than 12 noon. The whole process can take up to six months so please bear this in mind when planning your project timescales.

For Outline Applications – no later than noon on:

Monday 20th January 2020
Tuesday 20th April 2020
Monday 5th October 2020

If your application is invited to stage 2 you will be notified approximately two months later.

Application process

Our two stage process allows you to submit an idea and test it against our criteria before preparing a full application. Please do trust our process and submit your ideas if you want to know what we think.

The outline application is your opportunity to describe who you are, what you want to do, and why. Please make it clear how the proposed work would make a contribution towards the aim of our current funding programme, referencing one of the programme outcomes we are looking for.

Once we have reviewed your outline application it will either be declined or you will be invited by our Trustees to a submit a full stage two application. During this process outline proposals are judged on:

– fit with the aim of our funding programme

– strength of your analysis of the current problems and the feasibility of methods to tackle them

– the nature and extent of the proposed outcomes

– the potential strategic impact of the work

– value for money

– the level and nature of any risks that might be involved

Full second stage applications are by invitation only, at the discretion of the Trustees. If you are invited to do this read here