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General funding policies

This is a statement of the Foundation’s general funding policies.


These policies apply to all funding programmes, including our current ‘Building Resilient Economies’ programme.


What we will CONSIDER funding:

  • Requests for capital or revenue funding, core funds or project costs.
  • Requests for loans, part-loans, underwriting, or other forms of financial support, in addition to grant funding.
  • Requests for up to £200,000 worth of funding in total.
  • Proposals for funding for up to five years.
  • Activity that is charitable and for the public benefit.

Note that:

  1. We support the principle of Full Cost Recovery (FCR). Further information on FCR can be obtained from bodies such as NPC and the Community Accountancy Self Help service.
  2. We are an accredited Living Wage Friendly Funder. (This is a scheme that recognises funders that support organisations to pay the Living Wage through their grant-making and other forms of support.) We therefore require that organisations we work with pay at least the Living Wage on any staff posts wholly or partially (and directly or indirectly) supported by us, unless we can agree that there are good reasons for this not to happen. We also support them to become Living Wage Employers themselves – and hence pay the Living Wage on all of their directly employed and contracted staff posts.

What we will NOT fund:

  • Individual or sole trader applicants.
  • Organisations applying on behalf of another. We require applicants to be legally independent organisations with the managerial and governance structures to contract with us for support.
  • Work outside the UK, unless there is a clear link to activity or benefit to people or institutions in the UK.
  • Work that is to benefit a narrow group of beneficiaries or which cannot be shared.
  • Activities to promote a specific political party.
  • Activity that has already happened.
  • General appeals.


If you are unsure whether your application would be eligible, please email us.


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