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Journalist Fellowship 2016

The Foundation’s trustees have created a journalist fellowship to build a better understanding of economics in the wider public by working with a leading journalist to create a significant work of long form journalism in any medium on the theme of building resilient economies.




Proposals can be for a BOOK, DIGITAL JOURNALISM, A SHORT FILM or other digital outputs.

The work must communicate, in an accessible way, economically coherent ideas – with a firm basis in economic theory.

The Fellowship offers editorial and financial support to the successful candidate. We will work with them to ensure their work is widely disseminated.

Who can apply:

The Fellowship is open to accomplished UK journalists, writers, documentary makers and online media professionals.

Freelancers, full-time staff, specialist and non-specialist journalists will all be considered.

The amount:

An award of £45,000 will be received by the successful entrant, inclusive. This is for research, writing, film-making, any travel and ancillary expenses related to the project.

The timetable:

The closing date for applications was 20 November 2015. The successful candidate has been notified and a public announcement will be made soon.


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