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Using municipal energy to tackle the fuel poverty crisis: Platform (London)

Platform will address how city energy addresses fuel poverty and deliver a targeted innovation process involving key stakeholders in developing viable and ambitious proposals for municipal energy.

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Building capacity for energy resilience in deprived areas: Centre for Sustainable Energy

This project will build both trust and understanding with local residents in order to co-create community energy activity that meets their immediate needs and provides the skills to do more ambitious and sustainable activity in the later stages of the project.

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Re-Energising Wales: Institute of Welsh Affairs

The project will provide a detailed assessment of the economic green growth potential of developing a robust, fit-for purpose, modern and sustainable renewable energy supply for Wales.

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Barriers to Pension Product Innovation: Fairshare Educational Foundation (operating as ShareAction)

This project brings together savers, employers and pension providers to innovate new “social pension products” …

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Caring Town Totnes: Transition Town Totnes

The project will co-design new models of commissioning community welfare and health services

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Building local economic resilience through democratic local energy models: Regen SW

The project will develop and share practical new business models for community energy groups and enable them to adapt to the changes in government policy.

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