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Commission on Economic Justice: IPPR

This project supports the IPPR Commission on Economic Justice in conducting a comprehensive, participative research programme into how the UK economy creates and distributes income and wealth, and make recommendations on how it can be reformed.

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Understanding Investor Behaviour in the low interest rate, low return environment: The Financial Inclusion Centre

This project will look at the extent to which the new paradigm of low financial returns/low interest rates is distorting financial behaviours …

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The WISE minds of energy : Forum for the Future

Forum for the Future are convening a Wisdom and Insight for Sustainable Energy, ‘WISE minds’ dinner to make sense of the current energy system transition.

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Rethinking Capitalism: delivering economic systems change in the 21st Century : Michael Jacobs

This project sets out to map individuals/ organisations seeking to change economic thinking and practice system in the UK …

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Core funding: the Finance Innovation Lab

Over the last two years, the Finance Innovation Lab created the Transforming Finance Network. Friends Provident Foundation will now be supporting the Finance Innovation Lab through core funding.

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Using the law to drive corporate and investor action on climate change: ClientEarth

This project intends to transform current corporate behaviour towards managing climate change …

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