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“Positive Friction” learning event

Local Economic Resilience Learning event – 9 July 2015 (“Positive Friction”)


“Who knows anything about Local Economic Resilience?” was a question asked at the beginning of the first learning event in the Building Economic Resilience programme. We gathered at Resource for London to talk about resilience, specifically, the ideas, ways of working, tools and financing required to build resilient economies at local level that work for people and planet.


Session 5


The question posed at the beginning of the event, revisited at the end of day suggests a 15% increase in knowledge and understanding of the issues by all of those that stayed the course. As our Chair Joycelin Dawes told the participants, one of our aims was to learn how to ask better questions about building resilience.

As the day raised more questions than answers, we certainly achieved this. We will use feedback for planning future opportunities to learn and share developments.

We had a series of  fascinating presentations from our guests, together with a number of lively debates.

(All of the images that follow contain clickable links to the presentations themselves.)


Session 1 – ‘What do we know ?’





We heard from completed projects such as New Weather on People Powered Prosperity and Demos’ work on Local Banking and also from the Centre for Local Economic Strategies/NEF.





  • Tony Greenham, nef






New Start_nef



  • Clare Goff, CLES and Rachel Laurence, nef




People Powered Prosperity



  • David Boyle, New Weather Institute





Session 2 – ‘What is being created ?’


This featured presentations from Pure Leapfrog, we got insight into the further development of the non-monetary exchange system Echoes in East London, work by Community Land Trusts in Dorset to develop community assets beyond housing and the practical tools for all communities from Transition Network.



Pure Leapfrog




  • Adam Marvel, Pure Leapfrog







  • Matt McStravick, Economy of Hours




Wessex Community Assets



  • Alison Ward and Tim Crabtree, Wessex Community Assets





Transition Network



  • Sarah McAdam, Transition Network








Session 3 – ‘Financing community economic resilience’


Big Society Capital provided an overview of financing opportunities and challenges in this sphere with Charity Bank, Resonance’s Community Share Underwriting Fund and Ethex giving us worked examples of finance in action.





Big Society Capital



  • Anna Shiel, Big Society Capital




Charity Bank



  • Azlina Bulmer, Charity Bank










  • John Williams, Resonance





… and Jamie Hartzell from Ethex (no presentation).




Session 4 – ‘Making sense of progress so far’



Making Sense of Progress_Tony Greenham



  • Tony Greenham




Session 5 – ‘Debates in local economic resilience’


We heard from Robin Brownsell, Duncan O’ Leary from Demos and Josh Ryan- Collins from nef.




Thank you to everyone who participated. Attendees have kindly been completing an evaluation survey for us and we shall publish the results, together with what we have learned from the process, shortly.


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