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Sue Scott

Using the law to drive corporate and investor action on climate change: ClientEarth

This project intends to transform current corporate behaviour towards managing climate change …

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Core Funding: New Economics Foundation

Unrestricted funding to support the work of the organisation, which is a think tank committed to fundamental change of the economic system, as it implements its new strategy.

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Using municipal energy to tackle the fuel poverty crisis: Platform (London)

Platform will address how city energy addresses fuel poverty and deliver a targeted innovation process involving key stakeholders in developing viable and ambitious proposals for municipal energy.

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Building capacity for energy resilience in deprived areas: Centre for Sustainable Energy

This project will build both trust and understanding with local residents in order to co-create community energy activity that meets their immediate needs and provides the skills to do more ambitious and sustainable activity in the later stages of the project.

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Support for the development of ECCR core activities: Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility

This funding will develop the established Ethical Money Churches network and take this work forward within ECCR’s core activities.

(‘Right Use of Money’ project.)

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