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Unlocking the Next Economy: Churches as a Social Resource: Stir to Action

Unlocking the Next Economy is about creating access to the physical assets of churches to support local economic change.

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Commission on Economic Justice: IPPR

This project supports the IPPR Commission on Economic Justice in conducting a comprehensive, participative research programme into how the UK economy creates and distributes income and wealth, and make recommendations on how it can be reformed.

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A sustainable and effective student-led movement to transform economics for the benefit of society: REPCE

Economics is failing to answer pressing social, environmental and political challenges we face today and Rethinking Economics’ (RE) aims to …

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Understanding Investor Behaviour in the low interest rate, low return environment: The Financial Inclusion Centre

This project will look at the extent to which the new paradigm of low financial returns/low interest rates is distorting financial behaviours …

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Public Event: Citizens Wealth Funds and the Inequality Crisis

A free public meeting focusing on inequality and the challenges facing the economy since the financial crisis

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