Equity and Social Justice Working Group

We are committed to improving our equity and social justice impact. Our work is specific to the economy, and it should be noted that this is the context we are working in. This long-term projects focuses in developing our knowledge and improving our impact in this area. It is both an external and an internal project. It is across all of our activities and we are approaching this from a place of learning.

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What have we done so far

  1. Formed a working group, made up of trustees (Aphra, Ann, Priya) and staff (Colin (Investment Engagement), Abby (Grants) and Jake (Communications)), who bring an intersectional lens to this work.
  2. Made a commitment to sharing a breakdown of staff and trustee demographics.
  3. Developed an accessibility communications checklist.
  4. Invested in a tool that can translate our website into different languages and provide accessibility tools.
  5. Are a leading funder of the Foundation Practice Rating.

What are we still doing

  1. Drafting an equity and social justice plan.
  2. Reviewing our grants programme, where equity and social justice will be part of the programme.
  3. Developing a training programme with our equity and diversity advisor Guppi Bola
  4. Campaigning for the ethnicity pay gap.
  5. Producing documents in alternative formats and developing metrics to monitor our progress on this.
  6. Developing an equal opportunities policy.

What are we focusing on next

  1. Completing the equity and social justice plan.
  2. Launching our new grants programme (August).
  3. Equity and Social Justice training to have started.
  4. Publish breakdown of staff and trustees demographics.
  5. Ensuring documents are available in alternative formats.
  6. Finish writing the equal opportunities policy.

This review took place on the 30th May 2022.

You can download the full paper as a word document or a PDF document

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