Mission and strategy

The economy lies at the heart of today’s biggest issues. Our economic system produces inequality, environmental degradation and undermines good business and behaviours. It shouldn’t have to be that way.

Our mission is to help create a ‘fair economy, better world’. Our strategy contributes to the delivery of this mission in three ways, through:

1. Giving grants.
2. The way we manage our investments.
3. Our power to convene and communicate.

The problems we face are urgent, including the huge changes to the nature of work, major regional economic imbalances, and long-term environmental issues, such as climate change, that have the potential to impact on the economy. In light of this, we’ve made some decisions to change the way we operate.

Using all of our resources – spending capital

We  believe that the challenges facing the world and our society are formidable. Creating a responsive and resilient economic system to face these challenges will require all our effort and resources. We will therefore use our capital endowment, not just our income, to fund suitable quality projects.

Core funding

We will consider more core funding of organisations with whom we have built a relationship of trust, with the aim of empowering organisations working in our area of interest to work flexibly and to provide them with the capacity to respond effectively to changes in the external environment.

Investment engagement

The Foundation aims to align its work and investment and has therefore developed a new function – investment engagement. Trustees identified some key themes to underpin and focus our proactive work in this area, drawn from what we have learned so far or key developments in our programme areas.

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Our programme

We work through grant-giving, investment, sharing what we have learned and convening events. Our focus on Resilient Economies and Right Use of Money supports the system change grounded in lived experience that we believe is needed for a fair economy and a better world.

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