External Grant Assessors Opportunities

We are recruiting!

We are looking for a diverse group of Grants Assessors with knowledge and experience of different aspects of the economy to support our grant application processes and make objective assessments of full (second stage) applications for funding.

We are particularly interested in people with the following knowledge and expertise:

• ‘Lived experience’ of being marginalised in economic policy issues and/or of addressing systemic structural inequalities. This means a special focus on those who hold social identities across racialisation, class, gender, disability, age, faith, sexuality, age, class and geographic location.

• Non-mainstream perspectives on the economy (e.g. decolonial; ecological; green/recovery; feminist, foundational)

• In-depth knowledge about corporate and investor behaviour change (particularly asset management industry, business structures, tax behaviours)

• Experience/expertise in local level work, be that from a Local Authority, community coalitions that take on wider projects, another funder etc

• Democratising land-based assets, and the link between local economies/communities and land use and national policy

We are also keen to recruit Assessors from across the four nations of the UK and would particularly encourage applications from people based in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

In this role you will be asked to undertake a review of application documents followed by either a telephone or face-to-face interview with the applicant so you can really get a feel for what they are proposing. We then ask you to produce a written report and work with us to finalise recommendations for whether the proposal should be funded.

The position is a part-time, freelance commitment, for occasions when we have a large number of applications. Applications are submitted quarterly but we cannot guarantee work every quarter. You will be paid a flat fee of £200 per assessment, plus travel expenses when accompanied by receipts. You will also be asked to attend a half day application review meeting which will be paid at £50.

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