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About us

Established as part of the demutualisation of Friends’ Provident Life Office in 2001 and the flotation of Friends Provident plc, Friends Provident Foundation is an independent charity with its own board of Trustees.

We are a grant-making charity that focuses on exploring the role of money and financial systems as a force for social good.

We aim to:

  • encourage thinking that deals with the cause of the problem;
  • transform the use of financial systems so that they offer social as well as economic benefits, alleviating social disharmony and inequality; and
  • pioneer new ways of thinking about how money is used to solve social problems.

Previously, under our Financial Inclusion funding programme, we have worked  to create the conditions throughout the UK for improved access to appropriate financial services for those who are currently excluded, particularly those on low incomes or otherwise vulnerable to market failure.

Our current programme, Building Resilient Economies, aims to contribute to a more resilient, fairer and sustainable economic system.



Friends Provident Charitable Foundation. A company limited by guarantee. Registered in England. Company number 4228843. Registered Charity number 1087053.


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